The VILLASIS WATER DISTRICT (VWD) was created by Resolution No. 4 dated January 1979. Upon completion of pertinent requisites, LOCAL WATER UTILITIES ADMINISTRATION (LWUA) issued a conditional certificate of conformance No. 095 on 26 September 1979. Prior to the VWD’s formation, the municipality of Villasis was languishing with insufficient and not potable water. The local government administered the distribution of the limited water supply using aging facilities. The growing water demand brought about by the development of the town, however, propelled the local legislators to pursue the formation of a water district. The existing facilities of VWD are presently serving an area of approximately 600 hectares. This service area which comprises the whole of Poblacion and eleven Barangays namely: San Nicolas, Barraca, Lomboy, San Blas, Caramutan, Piaz, Lipay, Puelay, Barangobong, Amamperez and Bacag with a total of 4,710 active service connections. The sources of supply of VWD are four (4) deep wells equipped with water lubricated, vertical turbine and submersible pumps. As of now, estimated total average capacity of 25 LPS (400gpm) with combine pressure of 95 psi is sufficient to serve existing service connections. The storage tank/reservoir is strategically located at the center of the service area and adjacent to pumping station I. This elevated reinforced concrete, 350 cum reservoir was designed to float with the system. With an overflow elevation of 46.5 m above MSL, system pressure is being maintained at 40 psi. A float type water level indicator was incorporated in the reservoir.



Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 198 (Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973), the Villasis Water District was formed for the purpose of providing adequate, safe and viable waterworks system to the people residing in the district.



To serve the concessionaires, fellow employees with integrity and demonstrate proper behavior and professionalism. Provide correct adequate information to all concerns, immediate action to all complaints and provide concessionaires comfortable waiting place. Equal treatment to concessionaires and employees.


a. Expand water pipelines and putting up additional pumping stations in strategic areas.
b. Ensure continued 24 hours water supply and potable water.
c. Efficient and fast services.
d. Realization of employee benefits.





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